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7 Essential Home Maintenance Tips To Do This Summer

It's easy to love a home a little more during summer. There's something about open windows, hanging flower pots, and decorated decks that make a home's personality really come alive. This is also a time when a home's potential can come alive! In fact, it's a great idea to start doing some home projects now that will prepare your home for the summer whether you plan to stay or sell. 


Inspect and Perfect Your Patio, Walkways, and Driveway

Summertime usually means more visitors. That's why you'll want to make sure all of the walking paths, brick areas, and concrete spaces around your home are in top condition. Winter weather can create cracks and breaks that result in broken or uneven surfaces. Make sure you're getting everything smoothed over or filled in to create even, beautified surfaces that will make your yard a safe and inviting space!

Get Your Baseboards in Shape

Have you looked around at the baseboards inside your home lately? Dragging in salt and dirt from winter streets and sidewalks on your shoes for months can cause baseboards to look dirty. This is especially true if you have white baseboards inside your home. A damp cloth is usually all that's needed to get white baseboards looking sparkling and new. However, you may want to consider slapping on a new coat of white paint if your baseboards look particularly damaged.


Refresh Your Garbage Disposal

It's time to make sure your garbage disposal is fresh. After all, the summer heat can bring out smells that were hidden during the winter. Simply run a little hot water after adding vinegar or lemon juice to your disposal to get everything smelling very fresh!

Inspect Your Attic and Basement

It's important to know what's going on in your attic and basement before heading into summer. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences lots of snow or rain because moisture can create big changes in attics and basements in just one season! Here's what you're looking for:

  • Pests

  • Insects

  • Leaks

  • Mold

  • Mildew

Let your nose be your guide when you inspect an attic or basement. A foul odor is often the first sign that something isn't right. It may be a good idea to bring in a professional inspector or remediation expert if you can't locate the source of an odor.

Rent a Large Dumpster Before a Big Spring Cleaning or Renovation

Are you devoting a week or long weekend to updates and repairs at your home? One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to rent a large dumpster that can be hauled away at the end. You will be surprised by just how much clutter and debris you'll need to clear away after a thorough home project. It will be far too much to add to your regular curbside dumpster. What's more, you really don't want to have to pile garbage and debris into your car to make a dump haul. 


Do a Hose Check

Has it been a while since you looked at all of the hoses that bring water to areas of your home? You should know that most hoses need to be replaced every three to five years. You risk cracks and leaks if you let hoses accumulate too much wear and tear. Here's a checklist of the hoses to check:

  • Washing machine

  • Dishwasher

  • Icemaker

  • Toilets

  • Dehumidifiers

It's a good idea to check for signs of leakage even if your hoses aren't all that old. The good news is that hoses are pretty inexpensive and easy to replace. The expensive part only comes if you neglect to maintain or replace your hoses properly!


Clean or Swap Your Window Screens

You may be feeling frustrated because your windows still look murky after a thorough washing. There's a good reason for this! Your windows will still look "dirty" after you wash the glass if you don't also address your screens. You'll need to remove each screen and give it a thorough washing using soapy water. Some people actually hose down their screens on their lawns before sponging them down. It might be time to replace your screens if you notice that they are in very bad shape.

Is This an Important Summer for Your Home?

Are home updates on your mind because you're thinking of getting your home on the market by the summer? The Furman Group Indianapolis Real Estate is here to help your property make a grand entrance onto the market. Let us answer all your questions about why this might be a great time to prepare your home for a sale. Reach out to the team at the Furman Group Indianapolis Real Estate today! 

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