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7 Surprising Things that Boost Home Value

There are many things that can help to increase the value of your home. Some of them are actually little known and quite surprising, like the items we have found below.


Upon reading this one, some may think this just means a nearby coffee shop. It actually means a Starbucks. While you can’t control when Starbucks is going to build a store in your neighborhood, a 2018 Harvard Business School study found that when one does get built nearby it boosts the home values around it.

The research found that the addition of a Starbucks to a neighborhood boosted home values by about 0.5% They also found that every time a new Starbucks store opens home prices increase another 0.5% with each store.

Black Front Door

A black front door can increase the value of your home by an average of $6,271 according to a study performed by Zillow. Other colors’ effect on home price was studied as well and nothing brought in as much of an increase as a black door did.

The Neighbor’s Yard

Not only is it beneficial to maintain your yard, it is beneficial for your neighbor to take care of theirs as well. An unsightly lawn within eyesight of your home can send a message that the neighbors are not great and can make your home less than desirable. If you have a neighbor with a messy yard, offer to help get it looking nice, it will pay off if your home is for sale.

New Light Fixtures on The Ceilings

Anything that makes your home look lighter and brighter also helps it to look cleaner and more spacious which can increase the value. New up to date lighting fixtures are fairly inexpensive to purchase and go a long way to help showcase the home well. Light fixtures have been proven to bring in quicker and higher home offers.

Light Switch and Outlet Covers

Sometimes the littlest of fresh details can make a big impact on a home. Discolored and cracked covers send a message that the home is not well cared for, even if it is. Replacing these covers is very inexpensive and pretty easy to do and it goes a long way to make a room look fresh.

Fresh Bathroom Caulk

The state of the bathroom is one of the most important selling points of a home. Next to the kitchen, buyers are hoping for nice bathrooms. One of the things that can quickly make your bathroom look like it is old and tired is cracked and/or dirty caulk around the tub and shower. Replacing it will create a surprisingly fresh and clean appearance in your bathroom. It is pretty easy to scrape out the old caulk and put in some new.

Tight Door Knobs and Hinges

Nothing communicates a lack of care for the home more than a loose doorknob or creaky and falling hinges. A cheap way to make sure your doors do not speak negative things about the home is to make sure all of these things are in top working condition.

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